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    No kids (yet), not even trying... but, I can't help but dream of beautiful (and ever-changing) names for my future children!

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    LN: Wallace

    DW: AnnaSophia Bonnie
    DH: Rupert Heath

    DS: Jensen Nash Channing
    DD/DD: Zooey Keira Navi / Halle Malese Naya
    DS: Koa Avi Viggo
    DS: Corbin Jamie Taylor
    DS: Apolo Skander Jesse
    DD: Juno Nicola Perrie
    DS: Zayn Beau Penn

    AnnaSophia & Rupert with Zooey, Halle, Koa, Corbin, Apolo, Juno, & Zayn.
    Emily Christine, 16 year old who obsesses over names
    My Favorite Names
    Helena. Oriana. Ruby. Philippa. Tenley. Mallory. Ruth. Luciana. Brecklyn. Ottoline.
    Henry. Atticus. Vade. Sawyer. Gannon. Sebastian. Finnegan. Lachlan. Chandler. Reid.

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    LN: McGuiness

    DW: Helena Meryl
    DH: Darren Dean

    DS: Kellen Nash
    DD/DD: Zooey Mariska & Halle Naya
    DS: Shia Avi
    DS: Hayden Taylor
    DS: Barrett Sterling
    DD: Piper Daniela
    DS: Zayne Chord

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    LN: Hamilton
    DW: Dianna Bonnie *Wallace*
    DH: Darren Heath

    DS: Channing Maximillian
    DD/DD: Zooey Jodelle/Halle Jayma
    DS: Avi Misha
    DS: Hayden Taylor
    DS: Barrett Sterling
    DD: Piper Nicola
    DS: Niall Zayn

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