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    Ontario, Canada
    Name Nerd

    No kids (yet), not even trying... but, I can't help but dream of beautiful (and ever-changing) names for my future children!

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    LN: Wallace

    DW: AnnaSophia Bonnie
    DH: Rupert Heath

    DS: Jensen Nash Channing
    DD/DD: Zooey Keira Navi / Halle Malese Naya
    DS: Koa Avi Viggo
    DS: Corbin Jamie Taylor
    DS: Apolo Skander Jesse
    DD: Juno Nicola Perrie
    DS: Zayn Beau Penn

    AnnaSophia & Rupert with Zooey, Halle, Koa, Corbin, Apolo, Juno, & Zayn.
    Emily Christine. 17.

    My Favorite Names
    Vega Lynn. Indie Jean. Ottoline Michelle. Luciana Jo. Louisa Ripley.
    Vade Michael. Gannon Bobby. Rafferty Dean. Lachlan Christopher.

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    LN: McGuiness

    DW: Helena Meryl
    DH: Darren Dean

    DS: Kellen Nash
    DD/DD: Zooey Mariska & Halle Naya
    DS: Shia Avi
    DS: Hayden Taylor
    DS: Barrett Sterling
    DD: Piper Daniela
    DS: Zayne Chord
    Currently Loving:
    Mason Eli, Jackson Blake, Ryland John, Tanner Jack, Camden Rhys, & Winston Mark
    Audra McKenzie, Raleigh Grace, Hollis McKaye, Stella Rae, Chapel Elaine, & Jolie Faith

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    LN: Hamilton
    DW: Dianna Bonnie *Wallace*
    DH: Darren Heath

    DS: Channing Maximillian
    DD/DD: Zooey Jodelle/Halle Jayma
    DS: Avi Misha
    DS: Hayden Taylor
    DS: Barrett Sterling
    DD: Piper Nicola
    DS: Niall Zayn

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