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    Sep 2011

    CAF with namebanks

    LN: Hamilton, McCabe, McGuiness, Pearson, Wallace

    DW: Meryl, Dianna, AnnaSophia, Bonnie, Helena
    DH: Dean, Rupert, Heath, Caspar, Darren

    DS: Maximillian, Jensen, Kellan, Channing, Nash
    DD/DD: Keira, Jodelle, Mariska, Navi, Zooey / Halle, Malese, Nareesha, Naya, Jayma
    DS: Avi, Misha, Koa, Viggo, Shia
    DS: Taylor, Jamie, Ashton, Corbin, Hayden
    DS: Barrett, Skander, Apolo, Sterling, Jesse
    DD: Nicola, Daniela, Perrie, Piper, Juno
    DS: Niall, Chord, Penn, Zayn, Beau
    Names of the moment:
    Phoebe and Farley
    Shepherd and Otter

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    Sep 2011
    LN: Wallace

    DW: AnnaSophia Meryl
    DH: Dean Caspar

    DS: Maximillian Nash *Max*
    DD/DD: Keira Jodelle / Halle Malese
    DS: Koa Viggo
    DS: Corbin Taylor
    DS: Barrett Jesse
    DD: Nicola Perrie
    DS: Chord Niall
    Names of the moment:
    Phoebe and Farley
    Shepherd and Otter

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    LN: Hamilton

    DW: AnnaSophia Helena
    DH: Dean Caspar

    DS: Nash Channing
    DD/DD: Keira Zooey /Naya Malese
    DS: Avi Koa
    DS: Hayden Ashton
    DS: Barrett "Rett" Apolo
    DD:Perrie Juno
    DS: Zayn Penn

    Names I'm Loving
    Olivia, Ava, Zoë, Fleur, Stella, Esther, Maeve, Poppy, Edie
    Theo, Archer, Asher, Felix, Flynn, Ike, Alexander, Rafferty, Arlo, Noah
    Sets I'm Loving:
    Olivia Fleur, Ava Zoë, Edie Stella
    Theo Alexander, Archer Felix, Asher Rafferty

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    The McCabe Family

    Bonnie Dianna <3 Darren Rupert

    Kellan Nash - 18
    Mariska Keira and Halle Naya - 14
    Avi Koa - 13
    Jamie Corbin - 10
    Jesse Barrett - 8
    Daniela Piper - 5
    Beau Niall - 2

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    New England, USA
    Future Little Ones
    Lydia Violet, Rosalie Elsa, Cora Penelope, Amelia Isobel
    Finn Matthew, Henry Johnston, Troy Oliver, Archer Bryce

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