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    What would you name him?

    I'm not sure which forum this should be on but....One of my good friends is thinking of changing his name. I'm not going to go into all the details why and such, but I was wondering what you would call him.....
    Dark blonde hair, fairly dark (almost olive) skin, and deep green eyes, his name now was somewhere between 700 and 900 ranking on the SSA lists when he was born (around 20 yrs ago), and he is looking for something a lot more common.
    I know this is very few guidelines and descriptions but, what would you name him?
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    It's rather complicated to change your name; legally, professionally, socially, and emotionally. Even if his reasons are wonderful.

    What is his name now? It's much easier to change your name to something at least vaguely similar to your current name.

    Is his middle name usable?

    How common does he want? In what country does he live? 20 years ago, the most common names in the US were Michael, Christopher, Matthew, Daniel, Joshua, David, Andrew, Joseph, etc.
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    Sorry, I should have made that clearer. I don't think he has checked much into changing his name. A little maybe. This is more for my curiousity. I'm making a name list for him, and I was hoping to get some ideas for it.
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    I agree with Kala_Way. It's really hard to suggest something without knowing more.
    A name that is similar to his current one could work out well if all he wants is to avoid mispronunciations/misspellings/odd looks.
    Otherwise info on his personality would be incredibly helpful.
    Is he an athlete? What's his favorite sport?
    Is he an artist, a super-geek, a clown?
    What's his heritage and is that something that's important to him?

    I'd choose very different names for any of these suggestions.
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