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    Is Isaac King too much?

    I have loved the name Isaac for years, the way it looks, sounds, and the meaning. My husband and I are expecting our first child in December and have been discussing names. We both love the name Isaac, but are concerned the hard c leading into our last name of King is too much and will make the name run together. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    Yeah, it runs together. I tried saying it slowly but it's almost impossible for me to separate Isaac and King. You could always use it as the middle name...
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    It sounds fine to me. I would just avoid middle names that start with "c". Isaac Carlton King, for example. I said Isaac King out loud though and it although it does run together a bit, I would by no means consider it unusable

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    I think it's fine.

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    To me, Isaac King makes one really pronounce the names as opposed to running them together.

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