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    Thank you guys for all the feedback!! I never expected this much but this is so cool. I'll come back later and read it all more closely, but I wanted to quickly tell you how much I appreciate it....

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    @taz- thankyou for sticking up for Lee! I also quite like John and Louis, but I often have a bit more of a wilder taste.
    @stephanie413- I also have a few longer names I like with the nn Lee, but I don't love them like I love Lee.
    @javad- I never thought of the Chinese connection until you mentioned it. I know Lee used to be quite a common filler name, an boring name maybe. About Lee as a nn, see previous.
    @emmabobemma- Thanks.... And about Love as a name, I've been wondering if its too much. When the time comes, if I'd actually have a girl I don't know if i'd have the nerve to use the name. But I do really like it.

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    Too short? Not at all. I know a couple Lee's. I think it's a refreshing and underused choice. I would use it especially if it has meaning to you! I think something like Edward or Harrison or Patrick would balance it well. Something like Theodore is a little too much.

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    I've always liked the name Lee. It's handsome and strong, even if it is only 3 letters. Hey, it'll be easy for him to learn to spell.

    Girls - Jane - Eleanor - Matilda - Caroline - Rosalind - Beatrix
    Boys - Arthur - Desmond - Edmund - Edwin - Frederick

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    Sorry guys, for the brief, spaced replies I give. I love this place but I don't get on here much, sooo.....
    @emilyva- Lee Pace???? no.... And, ya I'm definitely thinking a longer mn. Or maybe two mns. I like Evander, but Lee Evander runs together a little. It looks and sounds awesome tho, really loving it. And Maximillian is cool, but is it unbalanced with just Lee?
    marsy33- You're expecting?!? Congratulations. Ohhh..I like Hartley, Ripley, Riley, Wiley, Leander.... I love your style! Another one I like is Barkley.
    @tfzolghadr- Did I get your username spelled right?=D Your number 2, "It's anti-trendy" is especially what I hope for in this name. And I hope it doesn't get too popular. I also totally agree with you on Leopold, and some other such names...
    @lightsea and claireelise- Thank you. I doubt I'd even think of think of this name if it didn't have meaning to me, but it does, and I love it! I think I will try to find a mn that's a bit long and more unusual. Like ??? Lol about it being easy to spell. So true

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