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  • Rose Aideen

    8 21.05%
  • Pearl Josephine

    30 78.95%
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    Rose Aideen or Pearl Josephine? Help us decide!

    My husband and I are down to two potential names for our daughter (due in July), but we're truly stuck.

    We're afraid of picking a name that is or will become too popular (I have one of those, and it was annoying!)

    We're also interested in each name's nickname potential--Rosie? Josie/Posy?


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    Rose Aideen sounds like she came straight out of the 50s. Both names are somewhere between rockabilly and hickster; I actually really like it. I love Rosie.
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    I love the vintage charm of Pearl Josephine. I like Rose but the combo Rose Aideen sounds like one long name (Roseaideen).
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    I slightly prefer Rose over Pearl. Because they are so short I wouldn't use a nickname or I would wait and see what comes up organically after she is born. You would be surprised what kind of nicknames end up used because of personality or appearance etc. I am not a huge fan of Aideen, and would actually prefer Rose Josephine.
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    "Hickster" made me laugh (never heard that before--thanks!) But that's not too off-base; I had been all for the name Roxanne (Roxy for short), but my husband vetoed it...

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