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    Olympia for a girl? Middle name suggestions

    I love this name - Olympia - and so does my husband. This is our first, due January 10, 2014.
    What do you think of this name? In the US, it is very uncommon but not weird.
    What middle names do you like with Olympia?

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    I love this name! It's just so pretty and adorable!
    For combos I love
    Olympia Athena
    Olympia Rosalind
    Olympia Alice
    Olympia Ruby
    Olympia Charlotte
    Olympia Violet
    Olympia Lark
    Olympia Wren
    Olympia Echo
    Olympia Jane
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    Alice is my grandma's name. Definitely a possibility. I like Wren as a middle with our last name, too.
    Thank you for all of the suggestions, and glad you like it too

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    I like it. The similarity to Olivia makes it more wearable than you might think. I like the idea of something more common in the middle spot to "ground" it. Olympia Alice and Olympia Wren would both be good choices.
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    There's a beautiful painting called Olympia (by Edouard Manet) which is my favorite painting in the entire world, so of course I love the name. Only wish I had your guts and was willing to use it!
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