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    I hate to be the only negative voice here but I think its just too much name. Its very clunky, which isn't a bad thing, but its the kind of name I imagine on an exuberant boisterous little girl who loves being the centre of attention. Olympia on a timid little book worm? Sorry, I just don't see it.

    Anyway, middle names.

    Olympia Claire
    Olympia Josephine
    Olympia Sophie
    Olympia Iris

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    Lucy, Ivy, Maya, Clara Rosabel, Victoria, Alice, Molly, Juliet, Annabel, Sofia.
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    Beautiful painting - I just googled it - thank you, Greyer!
    My only negative on this name, echoing pinkballerina, is that I do think it's a little bit long. I hate the name "Pia" which some people use to shorten. Well, I have 8 more months to think about it I still think I wanna go with it.

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    I like it, it has really grown on me!

    Olympia Alice is nice.

    I also like:

    Olympia Elise
    Olympia Claire
    Olympia Quinn (cool initials )
    Olympia Shea
    Olympia Corinne
    Olympia Paz
    Olympia Irene
    Olympia Yasmin
    Olympia Wynne
    Olympia Onyx
    Olympia Vivian

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    Olympia is on my list!!

    For me, it's such a strong name that I would pair it with something softer & sweeter & maybe simple

    Olympia Jane
    Olympia Fay
    Olympia Camille
    Olympia Charlotte
    Olympia Eleanore
    Olympia Frances
    Olympia Pearl
    Olympia Patrice
    Olympia Rose

    I would steer clear of anything that feels Grecian or sporty.

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    I really like it!!! what about Ollie as a nn? kinda tomboyish and cute IMO

    Olympia Zenith

    Olympia Fleur

    Olympia May

    Olympia June

    Olympia Violet (oooh i think this is my favorite combo)
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