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    Nah, I think it's fine... but I take Reactine so maybe if I had a box of Allegra on my counter, I'd think differently.
    I think Allegra is GORGEOUS, though, and I'd use it if my SO loved it.
    A lot of people have a huge issue with the medication, but I really don't think it's a big deal at all.
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    For me personally it's ruined. It was a favorite of mine for years but sadly the medication is commonly used & almost always referred to by this brand name!

    If I met an Allegra I would admire the lovely choice but wonder if her parents aren't from the US or just recently moved here or something.

    Wilhelmina is another name that has that musical quality & strength.

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    I definitely think it's ruined I could see a lot of "Like the medication?" In their future.
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    I loveeee Allegra. But my parents had a dog named this which renders it unusable to me.
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    Out side of the allergy medicine? Well, sure, if you're outside of the US. Otherwise the connections to the allergy medicine here are too strong. Still, I think this name is lovely. I especially the music connection.
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