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    Baby #5 Suggestions Classy/Mythological=OKAY


    I have four children

    1. Orion (O-ryan) Johnathan -male
    2. Sage Elysium (E-lee-see-um) -male
    3. Cerridwen (Care-i-dwen) Willow -female
    4. Rowan Audric -male
    5. ?

    I like old names with class and mythological names. We're of Irish/English origin and usually gravitate that way. I don't know the gender, but for a male we are thinking of Daniel Fionn (FEE-un) McCarthy. I like Finn but it's becoming popular quickly, and Daniel (husband's name) is already a pretty common name.

    For girls so far I like: Guinevere, Audrey, Eleanora, and Scarlett, and Cora or Coraline. I am interested in seeing other people's suggestions.

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    Daniel feels far more common than the rest of your children's names. I think Fionn Daniel would fit better, flip the names around.

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    I don't think Daniel fits with your boys names.
    What about Alexander, Evander, Gawain, Leander, Tristram

    I think Guinevere and Eleanora work very nicely. I also think since Sage and Rowan can be gender neutral and Cerridwen is very feminine I would stick with an equally feminine name for another girl. I don't think Audrey, Scarlett and Cora/Coraline are a good style match.
    What about Alexandrea, Aria, Evangeline, Iona, Leora
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    I love Guinevere! I think it will go well with the other names also.

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    I really like Guinevere is wonderful for a girl. I'm not so sure about Daniel, even though I love the name. Donall would be a good alternative.

    Rowan, Sage and something a little unisex-ish, like maybe:

    Asher Donall
    Devon Fionn
    Quinn Donall

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