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    Living: Sevenoakes, Kent
    Last name: Yaldron
    Spouse 1: Megan
    Spouse 2: John
    Child 1 & 2: Rose Katherine Eira & Isla Beatrix Annabel
    Child 3: Amelia Lily Madeleine
    Child 4 & 5: Victoria Juliet Pearl & James Samuel Rupert
    Child 6: Sebastian Elliott Graham
    Child 7: Zachary Leo Alistair
    Child 8 & 9: Arabella Hazel Louise & Clara Frances Aoife
    Child 10 & 11: Joshua Reuben Isaac & Charlotte Olivia Jade

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    Xi'An, China
    The Keating family of Harpenden, Hertfordshire.

    DH: Hugh Augustus Keating
    DW: Leonora Poppy Keating, nee Dalrymple (hmm... had a childhood friend by this surname... never realized it's British)

    1. DS: Fraser Nicholas Keating
    2. DS: Toby Alexander Keating
    3. DD: Beatrice Pearl Keating
    4. DD: Althea Felicity Keating
    5. DS: Simon Barnaby Keating
    6. DD: Jessamine Arabella Keating
    7. DD: Bryony Pia Keating

    So, Hugh and Leonora Keating have Fraser, Toby, Bea, Thea, Simon, Jessa, and Bry.
    Emiliana Pari (or Valentina Hasti?) Debuts July 2014
    Soren Pasha, Caspian Bardia
    Camellia Seraphine, Jessamine Ara

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    We live in Amersham, Buckinghamshire

    LN: Watson

    DW: Kristen Marie Knight (now Kristen Marie Watson)
    DH: Daniel 'Danny' Andrew Watson

    1st child: William 'Will' Michael Joseph
    2nd child: Jack Christopher Andrew
    3rd child: Eliza Alexandra Grace
    4th child: Daniel 'Danny' John Charles
    5th child: Fiona Rosalie Anna
    6th child: Jeremy Evan Adam
    7th child: Isaac Joshua Edward

    Kristen and Danny Watson had:
    "Will, Jack, Eliza, Danny, Fiona, Jeremy and Isaac"

    their house:6 bedroom detached house for sale in Amersham Road, CHESHAM BOIS, HP6
    master: Kristen and Danny
    bd1: Will and Jack
    bd2: Eliza
    bd3: Danny
    bd4: Fiona
    bd5: Jeremy and Isaac

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