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    Do you think a girl with the name calliope would get teased a lot

    We have a top couple names but this one is one we are reconsidering

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    the only teasing potential i can see would be the "pee" sound. hopefully after kindergarten age the other kids will be mature enough to let it go. Calliope is a lovely name. if she went by Cal or Callie mostly i don't see any problem at all
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    Why would she be teased? Because it’s not a common name? I think it’s a lovely name, with a common nickname if your daughter would like to blend in more, if you know what i mean.
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    Someone has told me because of the instrument. The pee sound. The spelling of it maybe being pronounced ca lee oh pee

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    I love Calliope. Sure, there's teasing potential, but it's there in most names.

    I think, more than a name, there are certain types of children who will be teased. It's not fair, but that's the way it is. I know two boys with classic, very common decent names who were teased constantly (including their names) because of who they were, and I know people with very out there names that could have easily been teased but never were.

    I can almost guarantee there will be one child who notices the pee sound, and depending on how your child reacts, or how well liked they are, it will continue and possibly get worse, or it will just be a passing observation. I personally would go for it if it was the name that I loved above all others.
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