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    Sister for Sullivan Henry?

    Hi all!
    I've posted before (mostly about boy names) because I thought we had girl names figured out...but I'm starting to get cold feet about our choices.

    We're playing on team green, so we have two boy names and two girl names selected at the moment.
    The boy names are:

    Calder Flynn
    Rafferty James

    The girl names we WERE going with are:

    Violet Matilda
    Maeva Dorothy (Dorothy is a family name, and we can't use Maeve because it sounds funny with our one-syllable last name, FYI)

    Like I said, I'm starting to have some doubts. I love Violet, but it continues to climb the popularity lists...and I'm just not okay with that. Top 100 makes me nervous.
    Maeva is mostly my DH's pick, and I like it, but I'm not over the moon for it.

    I intensely dislike boy names on girls, and I'm more of a traditional spelling kind of girl.

    Suggestions? Advice? Thanks in advance (very much)!!

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    How do you feel about Viola or Vera?
    Emily | 21 | USA
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    I considered those, but I think it has to be Violet or something completely dissimilar. I like flower names, but the issue I'm running into is that they're either uber-popular (Lily) or slightly too fanciful (Amaryllis).

    I want something feminine, pretty, and unusual. *sigh*

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    Emily | 21 | USA
    Helen ▵ Alice ▵ Jane ▵ Mary ▵ Rose
    Sam ▵ James ▵ Theo ▵ Edward ▵ Ciarán

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    Your picks are beautiful.

    Some suggestions:
    Viola (hmm, Viola Mat(h)ilde?)
    Theodora (a swaparoo way to honor a Dorothy)

    ah, sorry for repeats, I started answering and walked away and didn't see responses. I think Amaryllis would be an amazing name, first or middle
    Mama to my dear little bear <3

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