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    Honoring Grandmothers with not so "attractive" names

    I've been thinking a lot about "honoring" family members a lot recently, and I'd really like to find some way to honor one or both of my grandmothers in the ( very unlikely) event that I have a daughter of my own. The problem is that my Grandmothers' names are not my taste. At all. I love so many of my other ancestors names (Isabel, Josephine, Eliza, Cora, Anna, Caroline) but I have no personal connection to them. Whereas I knew/know both my grandmothers and love them dearly but I can't seem to warm up to their names. I think I need a pair of fresh eyes looking at them and maybe see someway I could "represent" their names without actually using them.

    I would probably only use these names as middle names because I probably won't fall head over heals for them, but you never know.

    My maternal grandmother is Rita Marie. I think Rita is a fine name just NMS and Marie is nice but just too common a middle name. I thought about Margaret but as it turns out I have a cousin already named Margaret "Maggie". My grandma is Polish so I was thinking maybe something Polish (without being too ethnic) or a name thats close to "Rita" without having Rita in it.

    My paternal grandmother is Darl. Middle name starts with an L but I don't know what it stands for, probably Louise/Louisa since that was her grandmother's name but I don't know for sure. She died when I was four. I loved her very much and I was crushed. I would really like to find a way to honor her but I don't like the name Darl. When my younger cousin was born my aunt honored her by using one of my grandmother's mother's middle names (Amanda) which was a name my grandmother wanted to use for a daughter but never got to. My great-grandmother's other middle name was Sophia which I like but is too popular and I don't know if my grandmother liked it as much as Amanda.

    Again, I love some of their mother's and grandmother's names but I feel like that's not good enough. If I ever have a daughter and she wants to know where she got her name I want to be able to tell her all about the person she's named for. Not just when she was born and when she died but what she was like as a person and I can't do that with a great grandmother's name. Sorry, I'm a sentimental teenager.

    Any insight is appreciated.
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