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Thread: Three names

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    Three names

    Thoughts on these three names...What kind of person do you imagine? Do you think they are okay in a sib set with Liam?




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    Lucas is my favorite, but it might be too matchy with Liam
    Oliver goes best with Liam, imo.
    Jacob is a perfectly fine name, but I've known SO many that I am WAY over it. It is also the #1 name in the country, although that doesn't bother me.
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    I like Oliver with Liam!
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    Oliver would be a good choice IMO (great name, works well with Liam--- and an Ollie and a Liam = cool). Lucas is a bit matchy (though I do like it). Jacob would work, I just don't really like the name.
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    All three names would be perfect with Liam. I like Liam and Oliver the best.
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