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    What do you think of the name Theron ?

    What's a good middle name for it also?

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    I like it, I think it has a strong and unique sound to it.


    Theron Gregory
    Theron Alexander
    Theron Grant
    Theron Lucas
    Theron Paul
    Theron Jude
    Theron Everett
    Theron Frederick
    Theron Zane

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    I like it a lot. I'm surprised it's not used more often.
    How about...
    Theron Greyjoy (JK--- a bit of 'Game of Thrones' humor)
    Theron Jasper
    Theron Charles
    Theron Rhys
    Theron Anders
    Theron Alexander
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    I like it because it is very uncommon but the sounds are not unheard of. I like it paired with a timeless, classic name. The number of syllables I would use in mn depends on the length of the last names

    Theron James
    Theron George
    Theron David
    Theron Andrew
    Theron Christopher
    Theron Alexander
    I like simple yet versatile names that work well for the athlete, the comic, the genius, and the judge.

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    I think "oh how GoT".

    I think pairing a mn you could either go conservative and make it look a bit more out there or go a little wild child and let Theron be the conservative name. It's one of those that people might just think is a classic (even though it isn't) just because it fits the flair and style.

    Theron Everett
    Theron Jacob
    Theron Ecru
    Theron Birch
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