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    I like Luke Giovanni too! If he won't go for Giovanni, how about Luke Gianni?

    I also like:
    Luke Nathaniel
    Luke Emmanuel
    Luke Isaac
    Luke Peter

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    I love Luke Nathaniel! It sounds so handsome. Luke Thomas is a great combo too.

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    Anna Caroline & Grace Catherine
    James Patrick & Luke Donovan

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    Luke Giovanni is great. Does it matter to you that he will have the same first initial as his brother Levi?

    I also like:

    David Giovanni or David Samuel
    Adam Giovanni or Adam Samuel
    Paul Giovanni
    Simon Giovanni
    Mark Giovanni or Mark Samuel
    Gwen Eleanor... Mary Josephine ... Anna Juliet ... Iris Evelyn ... Sage Catherine ** Arlo Grant ... Drew Thomas ... Eli James ... Owen Vincent... Jay Theodore

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    No, it doesn't bother me that we will have two L initials in the house. Still working on hubby to go with Giovanni for the middle name spot, nit sure why he doesn't want to. Andrew, is nice, but we have a close family relative with that name...
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