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    The last baby boy you met...

    There's a thread like this on the girls forum, but I didn't see a boy one. I like to hear what babies are being named out there in the "Real World".

    The last one I met was Jetson Tate, nn Jet (son of a girl I went to high school with)
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    Liam Charles. Son of a close friends of ours
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    Hank Alexander

    I thought this name was rather fabulous! I'm not usually a fan of nickname names, but Hank is so far removed from the formal version (Henry) that I think it's okay to use as a stand alone first name (although I still wouldn't myself). A refreshing change from the last baby boy I met before this one, who was named Aidan.

    EDIT - There is a thread like this on the boy baby forum already. I thought that's what I was replying to.
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    Bronson, Baxter and Conrad at my son's daycare today

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    little red head girl name MD Crimson and newborn girl Mali Hayse. Little boy Kingston and baby Remington Gage as well as layton

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