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    Junipero- 4th babe!

    We are expexting our fourth baby (3rd son) via adoption this December. We love the name Junipero (like Blessed Father Junipero, who's being canonized this month.) I know it's a spanish name and I know the correct way to pronounce it, but my question is, if you saw the name, how would you pronounce it? And, would you consider Americanizing the pronunciation? We have a foreign name theme going on in all of our kids names anyways, so im not really worried about scarring him for life or anything with a unique name. And, thoughts on nickname Pip and mn Arthur?

    Our others are Casimir Wesley (mn after dad), Miette Faye (mn after grandma), and Errol Shepherd (mn christmasy).

    My husband isn't sold on Arthur for a middle name, anyone have any other suggestions? Thank you!
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    Junipero is certainly interesting! Juniper is really catching on as a girls' name, so it seems timely. If I knew it was a Spanish name, I'd probably say it hoo-nee-pair-oh, but my first instinct was to say something along the lines of june-ih-PAIR-oh, sort of a mix between the Spanish pronunciation and Juniper-o? Pip is a cute nn, and Casimir, Miette, Errol, and Junipero are really great together.
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    I would use the Spanish pronunciation because I can't imagine a Junipero being anything other than Hispanic/Latin.

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    Like Junipero Serra!! He did a lot of cool stuff in California, and if you ever make it to San Diego, there's a cool museum about him, too. Pip is a great nickname. I think most Americans would pronounce it like Juniper-o...

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    Unsure - I guess if you and/or the child are Hispanic, it definitely works. But if not, I'd just go with Juniper (which is fairly unusual in any case). Junipero seems far more exotic than Casimir, Mietta and Errol and therefore doesn't fit.
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