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    Thoughts on Zephan?

    We're still stuck on this monkeys name with 2-3 weeks to go. Husband is still obsessed with Zachary but I can't just give in on a name I don't like. I used to love looking at names and this is soooo stressful!

    Pretty much everything I suggest is vetoed (recent examples, Levi, Cyrus, Harvey, Louie, Caspar etc)

    Really liking Zephan at the moment though, and he's not automatically vetoed yet! Don't think I'd use the whole Zephaniah, but like Zephy or Zeph as nn. And it sounds ok with the girls names?

    Middles are either Alexander Fox or Samuel Fox
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    I really like it, I believe I was the one who suggested it in a previous threat of yours, so I'm glad you're considering it!

    Zephan Alexander Fox would be so handsome and distinctive without being over the top

    It goes really well with your girls as well, particularly Thea

    Zeph and Zephy are adorable nicknames as well

    All round, it sounds like a good choice!

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    I like Zephan. It's a little more unusual than your daughters' names, but I think it works. User saracita00 has a son named Zephan. I hope she appears to tell you about her experiences with the name.

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    I like it quite a lot! Zephaniah isn't really my thing, but I like Zephan a lot. @saracita00 has a Zephan. I think they call him "Z"? Which I think is fun, too, although Zeph/Zefi is pretty cool, too (sp?). I think Zephan Alexander Fox or Zephan Samuel Fox is really handsome! I really like Alyssa, Francesca, Thea, and Zephan together, too.
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    I like it a lot, like a spunkier version of Stephan. Zephan Samuel Fox is wonderful.
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