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    Berries! WDYT of Sennen...?

    Hello! Berries I need your honest opinions, stay with me on this one!

    What do you think of the name Sennen for a boy?

    We're hunting for a unique boys name which reflects nature and with a sci-fi/celestial theme (our other favourite boys name is Atlas). I like Sennen because it is a Cornish place name (we had our honeymoon in Cornwall), and the place name Sennen means 'star-gazing'.
    Also, Sennen means 'thousand years' in Japanese (our Wedding song was Thousand Years by Christina Perri).

    So I would very much welcome your honest opinions, do you like this name? Can you picture a little Sennen?

    Thank you all xx
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    It's sounds very nice and soulful to me

    It is very similar to the irish name Senan which you may also be interested in

    It is certainly very unusual, a one person name, but since it's legitimate and was chosen for a reason, I think that's completely fine, a bonus even

    I like that it has personal significance for you as well

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    I saw Semen

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    Ditto to @dancinggirl. I think Atlas is a really nice name.

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    I like the look, but it sounds like sinnin' (sinning).

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