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    I think those names are really nice, although Sage is very masculine to me, it is a unisex name.

    I think Lindee is way more 'out there'! I suppose I *may* have heard of "Lindy" as a nickname? It seems like a misspelling/mispronounciation of "Lindsey" to me. And Emma's a nice name but wayyyy too common for my taste.
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    Oh my goodness, Tabitha Eilonwy is making me jump with joy! So beautiful, I would absolutely go with this one. I love The Chronicles of Prydain as well, such fabulous books! The name though, was not invented by Lloyd Alexander, but it is true it is not a traditional Welsh name. It's featured in a book about Welsh folklore and it's got something to do with a mermaid or sea spirit of some kind. I've always pronounced it ay-luhn-wi.
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    I honestly don't like any of them.

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    Sage Eilonwy is the only one that sounds okay. I don't really care for the rest, except Tabitha, which would be my first choice but it doesn't go well at all with Eilonwy. With a name like Eilonwy, I wouldn't add another middle, it's a bit overwhelming.

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    Not trying to side with your mom, but Emma is nice. Callie Hope is cute.
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