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    Am I suffering from pregnancy brain?


    My hubby and I have finally nailed down a name we both like for our daughter. We really struggled to find a name for our first daughter, Sabine Elizabeth, so I'm really happy that we can agree this time. However, I'm not sure if we're just being crazy... So here it is:

    Nelle Cole

    Nelle is pronounced in the German way (ie. it rhymes with "hella" - as in, "yummm, that was hella good"). And Cole is a family name that is usually given to boys in my family, but we thought - why not for a girl??


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    Well, I think you'll definitely have pronunciation issues. People will either say "Nell" or "Nelly". I don't think anyone will guess it's "Nella" without being told (unless, of course, you live in Germany). I'm not sure it's a great match with your first daughter's name. Sabine Elizabeth is a very full, formal name (if you know what I mean) and Nelle Cole seems rather abrupt in comparison. I think Cole is fine for a girl (for a middle name) if it's a family name. Overall, I don't think it's a terrible name, but it's not outstandingly good, either (in my eyes). I don't mean to offend, I'm just offering an honest opinion.
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    I quite like the pronunciation Nella, but I agree that it would never get pronounced correctly, Sabine is more commonly known to be pronounced taps Sabina but it could get annoying correcting the pronunciation of Nelle. Otherwise I think it's a beautiful name, and Cole is okay for a girl as a middle name.

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    I agree with the others... pronunciation is going to be an issue.... I think Sabine Elizabeth is very elegant and feminine sounding, while, Nelle Cole, comes up just a tad short, though it is cute...
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    If your first daughter has such a luscious full name, your second daughter's name should be on par. Would you consider Penelope Colette as sister to Sabine Elizabeth? They'd be tied in syllable count that way, and Nelle Cole is still clear as day.
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