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    Child 1: Boy: Jack Archer
    Child 2: Boy: Willis Joshua
    Child 3: Girl: Emerson Caroline
    Child 4: Girl: Penny Gabriella

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    Child 1: Courtney Ave
    Child 2: Aubrey Eloise
    Child 3: Georgia Caroline
    Child 4: Haynes Christian

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    Child 1: Boy
    Jefferson Archer nn 'Jeff': Eh, not my style but not awful.

    Child 2: Girl
    Dalia Jane nn 'Lia': I like it!

    Child 3: Girl
    Emerson Caroline nn 'Emmy': Not really a fan; don't particularly like Emerson for a boy OR girl, and the two 3-syllables would sound clunky with my 3-syllable surname.

    Child 4: Girl
    Reinette Emmeline nn 'Nettie': I LOVE Emmeline, but Reinette... if I was going to use a name with 'Rein' in it, I'd use 'Rain' or 'Raina'.

    Jefferson, Dalia, Emerson & Reinette, however, is an awesome sibset.
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