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    I like it. Who cares if the flow isn't perfect, if you love it go for it!!
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    It is a bit too many syllables for my taste. I would use a shorter middle to enhance flow. But overall it's pretty.
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    Thumbs up! I like it. I don't think the flow is bad. They are both really lovely names. I agree with @mischa, Susannah Coralie sounds cheerful. Go for it!
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    Susannah Caroline would be much nicer.
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    Thanks for all the replies! The flow is greatly improved when the name is said with our two syllable last name, which makes me feel better. I hate it when you love two names separately and they just don't sit perfectly together! It'll definitely go on my short list although i'm not sure its the one. Susannah is a family name and a lot more sensible than our usual taste so i feel i can have fun with the middle name. Caroline doesn't do it for me at all i'm afraid.
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