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  • I love Galatea!

    8 12.50%
  • I hate Galatea!

    8 12.50%
  • I'm eh about Galatea.

    7 10.94%
  • I like Galatea but don't love it.

    5 7.81%
  • I love Pandora!

    17 26.56%
  • I hate Pandora!

    7 10.94%
  • I'm eh about Pandora!

    7 10.94%
  • I like Pandora but don't love it.

    5 7.81%
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    Sep 2009

    Galatea and Pandora

    I've just fallen in love with Galatea (of the Pygmalion myth) and Pandora, and I would love to know what you think. Also, what nicknames and middle names would work? I love Tea (tee-uh, not tee) and Dora, but what others would work?

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    Re: Galatea and Pandora

    Pandora is beautiful but I worry about its history.
    Psalm 23

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    Re: Galatea and Pandora

    I love both names! Tea, definitely, for Galatea...possibly Gala? Or Gallie/Gally (like Callie with a G)...and I adore the name Pandora, and the nn Dora, but what about Pan (like the satyr?) or Andie/Pandie? Pandie is a bit of a stretch (maybe one that just you would call her) and the name of a panda puppet I was forced to tell my feelings to in grade school, but still a viable option. Good luck!

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    Re: Galatea and Pandora

    I really like Galatea. I pronounce it gal-uh-TAY-uh, though-- I don't know if that's correct or not. Tea is a great nickname. I also love the slight Harry Potter connection. :)

    Galatea Frances
    Galatea Miriam
    Galatea Violet

    Pandora is nice, but it reminds me (obviously) of the myth of Pandora's box. Plus it sounds a lot like pandas.

    Pandora Vivienne
    Pandora Maeve
    Pandora Celeste

    Similar names:

    cordelia ~ jessamine ~ alice ~ louisa ~ maeve ~ julia ~ eloise ~ fiona ~ genevieve
    matthias ~ william ~ henry ~ finn ~ benjamin ~ frederick ~ leander

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    Re: Galatea and Pandora

    I actually like the Panda thing, it might be a cute nickname. And I also prefer the gal-uh-TAY-uh pronunciation, but Nameberry says its gal-uh-TEH-uh. Which seems a bit awkward to me, but I'm not sure. I'll have to consult someone who knows a lot about history. And I'm familiar with the Pandora myth, but Pandora was also very beautiful and graceful and that's what I think of.

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