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    I prefer Dean. Dean sounds really classic and nice, and I also pretty rarely hear it around the US, while Deacon seems a bit trendier and goes along with the surnames as firsts craze a bit more.
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    I prefer Dean. Deacon reminds me of the bacon/beer can joke, and it's really preppy. Dean is far less trendy and gives off a cooler image.

    Please don't use Dean as a nickname for Deacon. That doesn't make sense.
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    I prefer Dean. Might I also suggest Declan?

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    Dean!! I'm biased though. Dean is my all time favorite name and someday the name of my son. Honestly I love Dean more than every other name on the planet. I don't know that I could ever love a name as much as I love Dean, so to me Deacon is nowhere near Dean.

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    I like Dean best! Reminds me of James Dean!

    Deacon makes me think of Reese Witherspoons kid....
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