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    Ah, sorry. Live and learn. I knew you didn't make Boman up, since I've seen it before, but I did assume Boman and Bowman were the same name. It's your choice which you prefer--I still prefer Bowman.
    Sorry, I just realized my post came off a bit rude. Not my intention! Thanks so much for the input! :-)

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    I would instinctively go to spell the name Bowman, assuming it was a surnamey-type name, but Boman wouldn't be too hard to get people to spell - "It's like Roman but with a B at the start" isn't that difficult for people to grasp, or your son to tell people.

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    I agree Boman is great and nn Bo would just be the cherry on top.
    I have to do the whole "Roman with a B" thing with my last name.
    Much easier to explain than some other name options where you literally have to spell it out.
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