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    I have a new top 5!!!

    What do you think of these individually and as a set?

    Isaac Barnaby Jude
    Noah Sebastian Beau
    Elliot Joseph Oscar
    Theodore Asher James 'Teddy'
    Casper Nathaniel Jacob

    Isaac, Noah, Elliot, Theodore & Casper

    My partner has ruled out a long list of favourites for potential first names; Ezra, Elijah, Caleb, Jude and Asher - but might persuade him as middle names.
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    All very handsome names. My top 3 are Noah Sebastian Beau, Elliot Joseph Oscar, and Theodore Asher James - with Theodore Asher James being my favorite.

    Of the vetoed names I love Ezra, Caleb, Jude, and Asher.
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    I think they're all great names.

    Isaac Barnaby Jude is my personal favorite.
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    Elliot and Isaac are gorgeous! But I love them all! Well done.
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    Very nice combos!
    Noah Sebastian Beau and Theodore Asher James are my faves. I prefer Noah over Theodore so that one is my top pick.
    Oh too bad about the vetoed names! Those are some of my own faves too! Except I like Elias instead of Elijah.
    Using your names, I would go with Isaac James Asher or Nathaniel Asher Jude
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