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    Question Would a Magdalene or Magdalena get lost in the mix of madeline/madisons?

    I like the name/s Magdalene/ Magdalena but Im kind of afraid that despite it being sifferent it will get mistaken for Madelyn/madison/madeline names...

    I would probably use the nn Maggie possibly Lene or Lena..

    WDYT? Will her name just be lost in the bunch?
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    I really like Magdalene, but I also like Madeleine. It's a name that will stand out though, I don't think it will get swallowed by the flow of Maddie's

    Lena is a beautiful nickname.

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    I think they definitely stand out in a very good way! I would not consider them the "same" as I do names like Jayden/Brayden/Aidan. I like Lena as a nn!
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    I think they will stand out in a good way as well. I love the name Magdalena so much!
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    I think it would definitely stand out
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