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    What about Lucas Samuel? Or Luca Samuel? A variation on Luke... While not strictly in the (English) Bible, Lucas is the pronunciation of the name in the original Greek I believe.
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    Lucas is nice, but sounds awful with our last name..
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    I quite like biblical names...


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    Erm, Samuel Luke. For sure. I just love the idea of you with a Samuel! Samuel Luke is fab and goes so well with your others, and for some reason, I really don't mind the idea of Sophie, Sarah, Serena, and Samuel anywhere near as much as I minded Sophie, Sarah, Serena, and something like Susannah or Sybil, even (although, now that I think of it, I REALLY love the idea of Sophie, Sarah, Serena, and Sybil as sisters!). Samuel just seems... so you. Although I would propose Samuel John. Have you considered it? I'm biased because I'm about 98% sure I'm using John with Samuel on my boys' list (probably Samuel Gaspard John or Samuel John Gaspard), but at the same time, I love John's meaning for you, and Samuel John just seems to pair up so well! Besides, it gets rid of the smooshy feel of Samuel Luke that turns into Samuluk...
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