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    New list of girls names.

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    Flora - I love this one! It's so light and...well floral. Can't go wrong with it!
    Fleur - I've never understood the attraction to this. The way it's pronounced sound to me like a saying floor with an accent
    Francesca - I really like Francesca. It's really pretty, but you don't hear it too often.
    Verity - Personally, I don't like this. And to be quite honest, I don't know what verity is, so that makes it questionable as a name.
    Amity - I really like Amity! Very cute and pretty. It works well as a name.
    Calla - I adore Calla! It's floral yet has a simple sound and cute nn Callie.
    Clarissa - I've never been a fan of Clarissa, b/c my Mom once told me that a lot of bad characters in movies and such were named Clarissa. It feels awkward to say for me, too. Maybe I'm biased though, because my name is Larissa, and I much prefer that!

    Good names though!

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