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    do you like this name as a sister for Bella?

    I'am not pregnant just planning for the long long my favorite girl name is Isabella Marie nn Bella.recently I fell in love with the name Melisande.I think it's very romantic and pretty name. But iam not sure if goes well with Bella
    I would like to ask
    1 what middles name goes well?
    2 I love nn but I don't like meli as a nn
    3 do you think Isabella and Melisande are a good sibset?
    Vasiliki ,

    Eighteen , univercity student , foreign .

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    Isabella and Melisande are ok in sound, but Isabella is so very popular and Melisande is almost completely unheard of. I would love other -bel names with Melisande though, such as Amabel, Orabel, Christabel, Florabel/Florabella, Mirabel/Mirabella, Dorabel, Clarabella.

    Melisande Louise
    Melisande Alys/Alice
    Melisande Lucy
    Melisande Iris
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    Isabella and Melisande are in the same style but, like Ottilie says, massively different in popularity.

    Isabella and Melissa are a bit more matched in popularity, or another -bel name with Melisande as suggested above.

    Ultimately though, they're not an awful pairing, but be prepared for one sister to find her name on everything and be Isabella X while Melisande might never meet another one.

    Nicknames for Melisande:


    Melisande Claire
    Melisande Lorraine
    Melisande Diane
    Melisande Grace
    Melisande Chloe
    Melisande Sophie/Sophia

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    I agree with others about the gap in popularity.

    Melisande Fleur
    Melisande Claire
    Melisande Isaure
    Melisande Jane/Jean
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    Do you think bellerose ,amabel and Arabella goes better with Melisande?also what do you think of Melisande?

    P. S. Thanks all of you for your opinions :-)
    Vasiliki ,

    Eighteen , univercity student , foreign .

    ~ Ligeia * Persephone * Virginia * Jane * Frances * Ruth / Viktor * Orpheus * Amadeus * Ronan * Quentin ~

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