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    Though I can't really understand why anyone would want to include miscarriages or the death of a child, those who choose to should warn for such things at the beginning of the game for those who don't wish to play.

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    depends on the day and the book...
    I agree with betasinlove. If someone wishes to include such things in their games they should warn people ahead of time. I don't think you're being overly-sensitive at all and I can totally relate to how it feels. I have been involved in similar situations as far as miscarriages go (not directly but enough so to be affected) and I can understand why you'd be upset. I'm not normally offended by these games personally but I am glad that you brought this to attention. People really need to think of how these things might affect others on this site emotionally and forewarn others of their game's content.
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    It's just really bizarre to me that someone would even think to include such topics in a "game." Why? Why think about that "for fun?" People who legitimately deal with such issues, such as whether or not to name a child lost in a mc, probably never saw it as a fun task. I personally think it's very strange and indicative of an individual who is immature, young, or inexperienced in life.
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    I strongly agree. I mean it is just a game but I think that too many games involve disturbing scenarios therefore, I don't reply to them.
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    A tell-tale sign of a troll (not in games, but in other posts) is when they include information in their story about someone dying tragically. Many teenagers romanticise death (not all, but a lot).

    Also, most teenagers (probably the ones creating games) have no experience of these situations in their real lives. So, they'll write a game where "you have baby, then you go to an orphanage and fall in love with cute boy/girl twins, then you decide to have IVF and get quintuplets..." all very innocently. But it's just a means to an end; a way to think up names for twenty fictional babies. Meanwhile, I'm falling off my chair laughing at the idea that you can actually go to an orphanage and look in the window and pick out babies like they're puppies in a pet shop.
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