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    I like Ivy Quinn most, even if her initials would be IQ!
    How about
    Ivy Caitriona, the Scottish version of Katherine.
    Or Caoimhe Ivy, for a fabulous double V sound ("KWEE-vah")

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    Ivy Jane is one of my all time favorite combos!
    Great resource for name popularity over the last 120 years:

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    What about Ivy Isabeau?
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    R e t i c e n t | R o m a n c e

    Araminta Ruby | Cordelia Vesper | Cressida Maeve | Esmeralda Beatrice | Guinevere Elise
    Lavinia Rosamund | Millicent Briar | Minerva Beatrice | Myrtle Josephine

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    You have great taste William is my #1 name for a future boy, and I really love Ivy for a girl. I actually have Ivy Elizabeth as my Ivy combo atm so that's my favourite. I think Ivy looks best with a longer middle name, so I like Ivy Katherine too.

    William could honour your Scottish side via William Wallace, so perhaps the Irish or Spanish heritage could be honoured through Ivy? Ivy Josefina, Ivy Magdalena, Ivy Margarita, Ivy Isabella, Ivy Paloma, Ivy Ramona, Ivy Valentina, Ivy Kathleen, Ivy Fionnuala?
    William ♠ Thomas ♠ Peter ♠ Henry ~ Rose ♠ Alice ♠ Ivy ♠ Lowenna
    Mowesi ~ Henwyn Kernewek ~ Mebyon

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