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    Opinions, please!

    I came to a realization today that the babe is due in two months! You mean I won't be pregnant forever?
    We could really use some feedback on our names, here they are!


    Middle name would have to be Cora or a variant of Cora: Corin, Corinne, Cori, even stretching it to Coralie or Coraline would work.


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    Helena - Lovely! How are you pronouncing it?
    (huh-LAY-nah) - Helena Corliss/Coralie
    (HELL-en-ah) - Helena Corinne

    Susannah - Love this as well, especially with the h. Susannah Coraline

    Emilia - I don't like this, I prefer Amelia. Emilia Corinne

    Willa - Cute, but not for me. Willa Corinne

    Annika - I don't like the -ka ending sound, but it is refreshing to see an Anne name. Annika Corinne

    Daisy - This has always seem more of a cute nickname to me, rather than a first name.
    Daisy Coralie

    Flora - Cute! Very underused but familiar. Flora Coraline or Flora Coralie
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    Susannah Corinne is by far and away the loveliest option! I'm not a huge fan of Corinne, but, if it's set in stone, that's okay. I think Susannah is divine.
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    I LOVE Helena. It's my favourite from your list. I also like the rest of the names, with the exception of Flora. Most of these names end with an 'a', so I'm liking Coralie or Coraline as the middle name. Corinne seems to stomp the flow.
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    Flora and Willa are my Favorites. I like both with the middle name Corinne.
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