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    Cool thoughts on these names....

    I have a story in my head and some character names thoughts on them and how do you see each name...


    Tayla Dianne Rhichards

    Elowen Mae McAllister

    Jayna Quinn Rossdale

    Cayla Sage Daniels

    Ever Brielle Anderson

    Paloma June Oliver

    Maylin Jade Nichols

    Monroe Arabella Lewis

    Gracia Victoria Haven

    Alina Catherine Wilson

    Avalon Paige Crowe

    Hazel Eve Kason

    Delainey Rowe Cartwright

    Thea Alexandra Haines

    Leilyn Olivia Reeves

    Nicole Annalisa Philips

    Madeline Joyce Ellis


    Vance Wylder Ulrich

    Aurich William James

    Flynn Oliver Williams

    Daelan Jude Cole

    Riley Theodore Belle

    Ellison Kyle Grahman

    John Alistair Cover

    Addison Harper Danielson-James

    Evan Harold George

    Tyler Randolph Everrett

    Mathias Gage Nichols

    Finlay Michael Davenport

    Hayden Zaniel Rodgers
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    Name crushes:
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