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    @Frances322 -- I love this advice, thank you so much for sharing! I am 10 weeks tomorrow and hubby and I decided we do want to find out as soon as possible. And what your OB said reinforces our decision. Thank you! <hugs>

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    If I had been really hoping for one sex or the other, I might have chosen to find out.

    And until I got pregnant, whenever I heard people say they didn't care if it was a boy or a girl, I didn't really believe them. I thought they were just saying that to sound grateful or not get their hopes up or something. But then I got pregnant, and I can honestly say I have ZERO preference to whether it's a boy or girl.
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    I had always thought I would wait to find out the sex, but after the surprise of twins at the first ultrasound we decided we'd had quite enough surprises and ended up finding out. I am not sure what I would do in the future with a singleton though...
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    With my first I really wanted a girl and wanted to find out so that I could mentally prepare if it was a boy, it didn't matter because she was a girl anyway. With #2 I didn't really care, but for found out for practicality. I picked out a name, bought some boys clothes form etc.
    With my last two I already had all the clothes from their siblings and didn't mind the gender so I didn't find out. I don't like surprises but it's not exactly going to be really all that surprising, it's a boy or a girl!
    I refuse to tell people the name before the birth, I don't care what my family think of the name and once the baby is here and named they are much less likely to say anything negative about the name I had my heart set on. People still offer name suggestions, often their own names...

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    Do whatever makes you happy!

    We like to find out the sex, but that is what makes us happy.
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