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  • Aria Spencer

    2 4.00%
  • Seraphina Clove

    13 26.00%
  • Aria Charlotte

    19 38.00%
  • Spencer Lucia

    1 2.00%
  • Cassia Domenica

    5 10.00%
  • Aurelia Spencer

    10 20.00%
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    Vote on my daughter's possible names!!

    The last time I asked you berries for your favorite, you picked one of my front runners Aria Charlotte, now help me decide if I should go with something else
    ~Nova~Adelaide~Spencer~Poppy~Clove~Adelyn~Calixta~ Aurelia~Aria~Adair~Brie~Amber~Kylie~
    ~Kali~Kendall~Tally~Seraphina~Lucia~Talia~ Domenica~

    ~Rafael~Eli~Luciano~Isaiah~Nicholas~Logan~Xander~C ato~

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    I adore Aria Charlotte, I actually considered it for myself up until a few weeks ago.

    I really don't like anything on your list more than Aria, and I love Charlotte as a middle name. Keep it!
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    This might be a bit off-the-wall, but Aria could be a nickname for Aurelia, too. All the sounds are there.

    I chose Aurelia Spencer, but Aria Charlotte is nice too.
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    Aria Spencer SCREAMS Pretty Little Liars to me, and I have never even seen that show.
    Dreaming of the day when I have three kids; Sebastian, Matisse, and Natalie

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    Cassia is definitely my favorite name here but Domenica, in my opinion, doesn't seem to fit with the other names and is my least favorite. What about Cassia Spencer or Cassia Charlotte?

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