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    Absolutely. I like Ronan Joy Christopher the best.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lineska View Post
    I'm sure you will get mixed responses, but I say go for it!
    Only stipulation, I wouldn't use Joy as a middle name with a unisex first name just because people do look to the middle name to determine the first (Rory Charles vs. Rory Victoria on a class roster for example).
    I'm with you on this. I'm sure you'll get a lot of mixed responses but technically virtue and word names are unisex and as a mn I don't see why not - just pair it with a masculine (non-unisex) first and maybe second middle to balance out the shock-and-awe of it all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by catreynolds View Post
    I agree with all the above posters who said YES, with the condition that the first name is quite clearly masculine.
    Exactly my thoughts
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    I certainly wouldn't do it, being that it is seen as a female name now. Maybe pick a name that means joy or joyful or wait and use it for a daughter?

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    Totally! I think it's great!
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