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    [QUOTE=lineska;1889636]I'm sure you will get mixed responses, but I say go for it!QUOTE]

    This, exactly. Because it is a family name, honouring your uncle and yourself, and because you would only use it as a mn, I think it is entirely usable. Of course, I say this as a huge fan of unisex, and such names myself. My favourite now, being May as a middle for a boy. Getting a little distracted here, I've come up with the combo I'm loving right now- Jeremy Emerald May, yes, for a boy, with the nn Jem. Maybe somewhat overboard to some people, but your combos with the mn Joy are totally reasonable.
    Yeaa, so go for it if it has meaning for you, and you love it.
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    I agree with everything mischa said.

    I don't see why you couldn't use it! It's in the middle and he doesn't have to tell anyone if he decides he doesn't like it, plus, if girls can do it, boys can too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    I think Joy can be used for a boy's mn because...

    1 Joy is a word therefore technically unisex
    2 Joyce was once a boy's name so why not Joy?
    3 Middle names are rarely used.
    4 Parents are choosing traditionally male names for their daughters so why not start your own trend?
    5 It's a family name (male and female)

    My only advice: definitely choose a MALE name for a first name and the second mn. Your examples of Niall Joy Alexander or Ronan Joy Christopher seem fine to me.
    I agree with all of this. I actually love Joy for a boy. As a girls' name it's tired and dated; for a boy, it's fresh and sleek. By all means, go for it!
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    Why not? I read a book recently where the best friend of the main character was a boy named Joy. It suited him

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    @celianne - lol

    I think you can. It's considered a feminine name nowadays, but I think could work well as a boy's name. It's certainly not the worst middle name out there. Richard Gere's middle name is Tiffany.
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