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    Middle name for Greta?

    Hi Nameberries! I am back as I am 20 weeks pregnant with baby #3. If it is a girl, my husband and I like Greta the best so far. I would love to have a modern middle name to accompany this, but have been stumped this far!

    Siblings are Camden Quinn and Lynley Wren.

    Some name combos I have considered are:

    Greta Analise
    Greta Jane
    Greta Soleil

    I would love to hear your suggestions! Thank you in advance!

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    Greta Jane fits the current middles you already have if that matters.

    Greta Pearl or Greta Avery would be nice.
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    I like Greta Jane the best.
    I would avoid a middle starting with the letter 'a' as it makes it sound a bit like a run on.
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    Greta Jane is very pretty. I also like Greta Lark and Greta Starling.
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