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    They are all beautiful! With Leo, I would choose Caroline, Margot or Penelope.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kala_way View Post
    Genevieve is my favorite and would be my pick. I think Eve, Viv, Evie, Neve, etc. are all options you could encourage over Genny

    I couldn't agree more - Genevieve is a great name and these are all fabulous nn suggestions.

    My other favourite from your list is Caroline.

    Both would be great choices and go well with Leo Alexander.

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    Caroline- I know a lot of Carolines, so I don't like the name very much. That's just me.
    Margaret- I have a friend named Margaret, but I think its kind of old sounding, but the other berries love it so....
    Penelope- I've never liked Penelope, I think its pretty but its NMS.
    Genevieve- I really like this name. I think its very classy. I get the whole nickname thing too. I think Eve, or Vivi is cute for a nickname.
    Margot- I used to hate this name. But then I read All Summer In A Day by Ray Bradbury, and I fell in love with it. I prefer the spelling Margaux though. I think its spunkier. I think Margot and Leo sound fine together. I think its kind of nice that they both end with the o sound.
    Emmeline- Unless you're really close with that cousin, it doesn't really matter. Maybe calling her Emme instead of Emmie will be enough of a difference. I really like Emmeline too, its classy sounding. You can't go wrong with Emmeline.
    Evangeline- I like it, but I think its overhyped. I think Evangeline sounds okay with Leo, but I think your other names go better, like Genevieve and Penelope and Emmeline. Its kind of long with one syllable Leo.
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    My favourites are Evangeline (nn Evie really grounds it and Evie and Leo are adorable together!!) I also love this with Augustin nn gus! This is easily my favourite! I also Love Emmeline and Margot though agree Leo and Margot a bit similar!

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    My favourites are:

    Penelope -- for the nickname, Nell.
    & Margot

    Evangeline is far too "frilly" for my own tastes and makes me think of "evangelical" which sort of rubs me up the wrong way. I do however love the nickname you've derived, Eva. But would prefer it on its own.
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