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    I like Emmeline and Penelope the best with Leo.

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    Thank you all so much! So I am taking Margaret and Emmeline off of my list. At least it's progress! For me it's really a toss up I think between Penelope, Genevieve, Margot and Evangeline. Caroline is one I really like but I think I like the others better.

    So what do you guys think between those four?
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    Caroline- NOT BORING! Love it so much!!
    Margaret- Love!
    Penelope- Not too trendy. Love the nn Nel
    Genevieve- Like a lot. Beautiful name, but I agree about the nn Genny. How about Gen?
    Margot- Love. Don't think it matters about the ending, but how about the given name Margaret with the nn Margot?
    Emmeline- One of my favorites, especially with nn Emmie/Emmy, but I agree about the cousin.
    Evangeline- Not my favorite, but nn Eva is cute. Also like nn Angeline or Angie

    My order of your names goes:
    Margaret with nn Margo
    Emmeline (but I understand your problem)
    Penelope with nn Nel
    Evangeline with nn Eva

    Great list! Love your taste in names!!

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    I would definitely pick Evangeline! It's gorgeous. My second choice would be Genevieve.
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    Penelope! I love it with nn Nel!

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