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    Genevieve is my favorite and would be my pick. I think Eve, Viv, Evie, Neve, etc. are all options you could encourage over Genny
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    Caroline - pretty normal, maybe not as exciting as the others
    Margaret - it's ok.
    Penelope - definitely not too popular. It's popular on this website, but I've never actually met a Penelope.
    Genevieve - You wouldn't have to go with genny. You could do Ginny, Eve, Evie, Neva, the possibilities are endless! And it's a really pretty name.
    Margot - If you're having doubts, I'd take it off.
    Emmeline - yes, a bit close to Emmie, so you have think about what you would nn her. Don't plan on sticking with Emmeline her whole life, at some point, she'll want a nick name.
    Evangeline - I don't think it's too much! Lots of your other names are long, Evangeline is just pretty! But, just a warning (not that this is bad, just letting you know), if I met an Evangeline, I would immediately start calling her Eva, unless someone told me not too. It's just such a long name, that it feels like it needs to be shortened. But Leo, Eva and Gus are really cute,
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    I love Margot and Evangeline.
    And I think they both sound great with Leo.
    But I think I prefer "Evangeline and Leo".
    Sounds very nice!

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    Evangeline. Do it!
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    M favourite of your list is Emmeline but wouldn't do it with a cousin's daughter named Emmie, second favourite is Evangeline, I don't think it's too close to Leo at all, actually I think this is the best name to go with Leo.

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