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  • Hattie Sage

    6 12.00%
  • Harriet Sage

    27 54.00%
  • Henrietta Sage

    17 34.00%
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    Should "Hattie" be named Hattie, Harriet, or Henrietta?

    I love the name Hattie, but don't know whether to use a formal name. She would be called Hattie regardless, but would it be better as a nickname?

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    I prefer Hattie as a nn for Harriet, but I like the way Henrietta Sage sounds better. How many syllables is the last name?
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    I voted for Henrietta, as it's one of my favorites, but Harriet is also a very nice name. I think Hattie on it's own is too nickname-y.
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    Henrietta "Hattie" Sage would be adorable. I think when it comes to flow Henrietta sounds better than Harriet.
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    Hattie Sage...definitely

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