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    TOP 3!!! And middles for Eliza, WDYT?

    I finally have a top name that I am completely happy with, along with two backups that I love! I feel terribly accomplished.

    1. Eliza (the husband wrote this off after our best friends named their son Elijah. They don't care at all if we use it, and we've decided we don't either! There would be quite the age difference, too, as he'll be 6 this year and I'm not even pregnant yet.)
    2. Beatrice
    3. Virginia

    Now I'm having fun coming up with middles for Eliza. What do you think? My kids are Caleb Nicholas and Annabel Hope. (All middles have personal meaning, so no front-runners in that respect.) Thanks!

    Eliza Beatrice F----
    Eliza Jane F----
    Eliza Joy F----
    Eliza Katherine F----
    Eliza Kensington F----
    Eliza Mae F----
    Eliza Margaret F----
    Eliza Molly F----
    Eliza Pearl F----
    Eliza Phoebe F----
    Eliza Verity F----
    Eliza Violet F----
    Eliza Willow F----
    Mama to Caleb Nicholas, Annabel Hope, and Grace Ramona

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    I love Eliza Beatrice

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    I love your choices! Here is what I like from your list:

    Eliza Beatrice F----
    Eliza Jane F----
    Eliza Joy F----
    Eliza Katherine F----
    Eliza Mae F----

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    husband approved list::
    Jude | Nolan | Brody | Asher | Nathan | Owen | Trevor | Dylan | Zane
    Jane | Alice | Naomi | Fiona | Evangeline | Gwyneth | Delilah | Thea

    other favorites::
    Aviva | Shea | Bridget | Rosalind | Zora | Geneva | Cordelia | Betsy | Elena 'Lainey' | Evadne | Faye
    Lars | Otis | Rhett | Kieran | Teague | Neil | Evander | Quinn | Abram | Eamon | Ari | River

    Carly & Zach :: expecting #1 late April 2016!!! 💙 Ezra Wolf Z. 💙::

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