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    I really like Cormac. I'm not sure I love the fn/mn combo but, compared with Macaulay (I just keep thinking Caulkin when I hear it) I think it's the winner. You won't find a Cormac on every corner but it's far from 'crazy', strange or made-up. If you don't mind the inevitable association with Macaulay Caulkin, Macaulay is a handsome sounding name as well. Good luck!

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    I love Cormac Fox. Great combo!
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    I prefer Cormac. I do associate Macaulay with Macaulay Culkin (though I doubt a child born these days would have any idea who he is), but I also just prefer Cormac overall.

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    Cormac! I've been loving that name lately.

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    I agree with Malcolm. One of my current loves.

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