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    I guarantee diary would be called diahrea

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    i officially decided to drop these names out of my list
    do you think ondine/undine should be in my list and if yes which spelling ?
    "I felt that I breathed an atmosphere of sorrow"

    Rosa Nightingale Thomasin Orchid Edith Remember Zuleika Evening Belladonna Selene Orphéa Requiem Lilith Anastasia Nocturne Ophelia Séraphine Wildrose Juniper Echo Persephone Forest Suzanne Psyche Belphoebe Anaïs Sylvie Wildflower
    Orpheus Elgar Damien Prometheus Gideon Achilles Amadeus Vale Lucien Florence Casimir Leo Dante Alexander Wolf Brahm Vesper Viktor Peregrin Algernon Heath Alexander Corvus Dorian Emrys

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    I much prefer Ondine to Undine (I've never seen it spelled any way except Ondine) and I think it's very cool and should stay on the list
    Lillian Elizabeth 6.16.13

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    Persia is pretty. The names Heart and Forever MIGHT be okay as middle names depending on the first name. I have an ancestor named Charity Love for example.

    The rest of the names are unusable, sorry.

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