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Thread: Sterling

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    I have no connections besides that my brother wants to use this for his future son--I think it's a handsome name. I really like it!
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    Spooky! That is a sign for sure. It is not over the top-I know a Sterling. (I am a teacher so be fair I know a lot of people with different names)! He is a very cool guy-sporty and fun.

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    I like Sterling. It is definitely usable. I only associate it with a voice actor from the original Winnie the Pooh; I think it was Pooh's voice but it may have been the narrator. It's my son's favorite movie so I've seen the credits a million times.

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    I think Sterling is great. I recently added it to my boys list. The only connection I think of is Roger Sterling from Mad Men, but that's a pretty good connection! I have no idea what Archer/Sterling is. I think you're right about the name being equally usable for a doctor or a rock star!
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    I absolutely think Sterling is useable. I know a 20-year-old Sterling and I haven't ever heard anyone comment negatively on his name. Go for it! It's a great name!

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